Chinese Solid Wood Furniture Industry

1. the market acceptance of solid wood furniture is high
Solid wood furniture has a unique beauty of nature, people like to use wood to decorate the indoor environment and make indoor furniture. With the improvement of living standards, people are more admired and return to nature. Everyone is pursuing natural and unique solid wood furniture. Reflecting the individual and reflecting the natural beauty is a manifestation of the improvement of cultural accomplishment. Therefore, the solid wood furniture has a broad market demand and space design for the interior.
2. Enterprise technology upgrade and quality improvement
Solid wood furniture companies have evolved from a traditional handicraft industry into an important industry that focuses on mechanized production, complete categories, and increasing levels of technology and art. In that case, solid wood furniture has become a major producer and product quality. It will continue to increase, the industrial output value will increase steadily, the product structure will be diversified, and the growth of investment in fixed assets will increase. The popularity of solid wood furniture brands will gradually increase.
3. the product has a competitive price in the international market
At present, the cost of solid wood furniture products, furniture, labor costs accounted for 15% - 20% of the total cost, while foreign furniture, working hours account for the total cost of 40% --60%. Due to the low cost of the labor force in our country, the price of furniture also has unparalleled advantages in foreign products.
4. the labor cost rate of solid wood furniture is low
Of course, solid wood furniture is a labor-intensive industry. Furniture must have a rich labor force. Only the labor prices of labor sources with abundant labor resources have been kept at a relatively low level. At present, the price of labor in our country is still at a level relative to the labor force of the countries in the world. Relatively backward, the labor cost of solid wood furniture production still occupies a large advantage, which is also the current important competitiveness of the furniture industry. However, the finished product costs only 10% of the furniture products, which means that furniture is still very large. The space to improve labor efficiency.
In short, today, the solid wood furniture industry is favored by consumers for its environmental protection, elegance, durability and other characteristics, and has a promising development prospect.


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