Home decoration style

Here are some of the more up-to-date styles of decorating. Let's see which of the following is the style of decoration in your home.
European classical style: mainly from the formation of Byzantine art to the decline of the Rococo style in the eighteenth century, and the result of the long integration of Eastern art traditions such as Hellenized art, Roman art, Asia Minor, and Egypt. The renaissance reached before and after the Renaissance. Decorative features: luxurious, rich colors, calm, heavy, historical sense, more exquisite decoration.
Modern and simple city natural wind: urban natural style It is a modern style, belonging to the creation of the liberation of industrial civilization in the 1920s. In 2014, this style was prevalent regardless of interior style or product. Its characteristics are not as obvious as the Art Change style and the ArtDeco style, but it is more practical and simple, and appealing to consumers. Especially affected by the international economic form, it will be particularly strong.
Modernism after Futurism: The rapid development of industry, people have a longing for the future world and some expectations and doubly confused. That is to say, inheriting the style of Picasso is also affected by the multiple influences of Dali's artistic ideas and Pop culture.
Modern country style: with a retro feel, but also very close to French or English country style. The elegantly colored distressed carpets, the decorative cabinets with flowers and vines, the glass-engraved screens, the fringing lights that fall off and on, the cushions adorned with sequins, beads, and the hollowed-out veil curtains are all popular and will be charming and charming. Pour out in the home space.
Neo-classical style: The neo-classical is among the 10 mainstream designs and is a relatively low-population index. Strictly speaking, this style is a retrospection of the home culture before the 19th century. It is not simply a retro of traditional culture. It is a classical element in the modern decoration style. It is especially popular to evolve the original functions of traditional furniture. For example, a double bed couch is used to make a sofa, etc. Some furniture looks like an ordinary modern style, but because of the leather on the board that is finished with texture, it is filled with elegant classic atmosphere.
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