Solid Wood Furniture Design

Solid wood furniture design is showing two major trends: New Chinese-style furniture with traditional Chinese cultural elements is becoming a mainstream, young-style traditional solid wood furniture glows new vitality.
1. New Chinese-style furniture with Chinese traditional cultural elements is becoming the mainstream new Chinese-style furniture combined with Chinese traditional cultural elements. It is becoming a major mainstream of solid wood furniture. New Chinese-style furniture adopts the organic combination of modern and concise lines and Chinese cultural elements. A new style with Chinese cultural characteristics.
2. The youthful traditional solid wood furniture glows new life. The traditional state-of-the-art solid wood furniture is free from the boring feeling of traditional solid wood furniture. In material and design, it has begun to move closer to modern panel furniture and is full of modernity. Relying on the extensive consumer groups of traditional solid wood furniture in the north, the products will be younger and improved to adapt to the characteristics of the times; this style of solid wood furniture has been favored by the majority of merchants and consumers. The youthful traditional solid wood furniture has concise, smooth, vigorous and powerful lines. It fully expresses the texture and natural texture of solid wood. This high-end solid wood furniture is mainly based on concise, atmospheric, calm and simple design concepts. Exquisite selection of materials, large models; pay attention to the actual use of the feelings of the material and hardware is very picky, the terminal experience shop to create a quality of life, very valued.


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