Wood Material Analysis

1. Pine: There are two main types of pine furniture, one is Pinus massoniana and the other is Pinus sylvestris. Pinus massoniana has a straight or uneven texture and is medium to coarse. The disadvantage is that the cracking is more serious when dry. Not resistant to corrosion. Bad paint and adhesive properties. The nail holding power is relatively strong, relatively speaking, as the woodworking plate is used less in the furniture, the price of the wood board is generally about 3 times that of the same-size Chinese fir integrated board or large core board. Scotch pine is widely used as a material for mid-range solid wood furniture, and many log furniture uses pine wood. The pine wood is stronger, the texture is clearer, and the wood is better. Compared to the Chinese fir, the wood grain of Pinus sylvestris var. mongolica will be more beautiful and less scarred.
2. Oak (white oak, red oak): Oak is commonly known as oak. The scientific name of the real oak is eucalyptus, which belongs to the family Fagaceae, pupa, red oak is called red palsy, white oak is called white paralyzed, actually red oak It's not really red, but the wood is yellowish pink, white oak is not white, but light yellow, which makes the red oak white oak color difference is not very large, the oak is characterized by heavy hard, straight texture, The structure is thick, the color is light and elegant, the texture is beautiful, the mechanical strength is quite high, and the wear resistance is good, but the wood is not easy to dry and saw and cut. At the same time, if the deformation is large in a large area, the oak pattern also has the difference between straight and horizontal stripes, and the straight lines are compared. Look good, the price is a bit more expensive. To pay attention to the use of oak, many use Southeast Asian rubber wood to impersonate oak, pay attention when buying wood and furniture. For rubber wood, the method of identification is rubber wood with odor, easy insects and corrosion.
3. Ash: The largest proportion of the decorative panel is the ash panel. The reason why this panel is used is inseparable from its characteristics. The ash is known as ash, belonging to the genus Oleaceae. A kind of wood, mainly produced in northeast China, North China, Russia, etc. The biggest advantage of ash is that its texture, the ash curve is beautiful and clear, such as as a veneer or furniture, brush varnish or whitening can maximize Reflecting its beautiful patterns, it is suitable for modern and simple styles, and the ash panel is a kind of decorative panel with lower price. The disadvantage is that if it is used as a solid wood furniture, the deformation is great, so if ash is made of solid wood, it is often spliced with small pieces of wood. Most of the ash furniture seen in the furniture store is the main frame of ash wood, and large parts of the ash are made of ash. This is because the ash will be deformed and contracted.
4. Rubber wood: Rubber wood is used to make building materials and furniture after the old timber of South East Asia's rubber growers cut the rubber. The growth cycle is not long, so rubber wood furniture is not expensive; this kind of wood is in dry areas in the north Not easy to crack, easy to maintain; rubber wood in the production of furniture in the plasticity is good, it can be suitable for the production of beautiful shape, soft curve products; rubber wood solid wood feel good, beautiful texture, uniform texture; light color, easy to color, can accept Dyeing and coating of all types of colors, easy to match with the color tone of other kinds of wood, paint painting performance; good hardness, natural high-strength wear resistance, especially suitable for stairs, floors, tables, countertops and so on. Rubber wood is not easy to dry, it is easy to bend and deform, wood processing is easy, and sheet metal processing is easy to deform.
5. Beech: Also known as eucalyptus, the wood is firm and the texture is beautiful, which can be used for construction and utensils. There are many kinds of eucalyptus, the center material is reddish brown named "blood scorpion", and some eucalyptus has a natural beautiful large pattern, the color is similar to rosewood. In ancient China, there was a saying that "the northern part of the country was in the south", which means that the northern furniture is mainly made of eucalyptus, and the southern furniture is made of eucalyptus. Therefore, eucalyptus and eucalyptus are good materials for building furniture in the past, and can be used as beds, tables, cabinets, etc. Alder wood can also be used as a veneer, and many of the Red Oak veneer finishes are used for decoration.
6. Birch: The furniture made of birch is easy to process, resistant to use, has a smooth cut surface, and has good paint and gluing properties. Birch bark is also more flexible and beautiful. Most manufacturers prefer to use birch as a core material for other furniture or as an inlay material. The birch furniture's fiber shear resistance is poor, and it is easy to “cut off”. The birch has more patterns at its roots and nodules, and the hygroscopicity is also relatively large. It is easy to crack and warp when dry, and it is not wearable. As the birch itself is juicy, it should be used with caution in places where the living place is slightly damp, and care should be taken to avoid furniture cracking caused by exposure.


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